Boise State will not require students living on campus to get COVID tested before move-in day

Posted at 4:01 PM, Jul 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-30 14:12:35-04

BOISE, Idaho — Move-day at Boise State University is approaching quickly, but how does COVID-19 affect students living in the dorms this fall?

As of now, BSU has about 3,000 students moving into the dorms in August.

The school initially announced they were going to COVID test all students who will live on campus before they move in. With limited testing in the Treasure Valley, BSU decided to change that requirement.

"At the moment, capacity in the Treasure Valley is just not there for that asymptomatic testing," spokesperson for BSU, Greg Hahn says. "With the circumstances we have right now, that wasn't going to work."

The school asks students who are living in the dorms this upcoming school year, to try and get tested in their hometowns before arriving on campus.

"What we're doing is talking to each individual," Hahn says. "If there's testing for asymptomatic in your area, get tested before you come and then you know that when you're getting here, we can track how things are moving at that point."

COVID testing will not be required for students, but BSU encourages students to stay home if they feel sick.

"It's all about, how do we do everything we can to keep the students, the faculty, the staff, the visitors as safe as we can through this time," Hahn says.

BSU will have a specific area for students to stay if they get sick. Idaho News 6 will have more on that later this week.