Boise State students take part in national contest to fight extremism

Students are taking part in a social media contest
Posted at 6:45 AM, Apr 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-11 08:45:34-04
A group of Boise State students is taking part in a national competition to help fight violent extremism.
The students are a service-learning group who are entering a contest called "Peer to Peer Challenging Extremism."  The contest is organized by Facebook and the Department of Homeland Security. 
The Boise State team, "One nation under the law," is teaching people about the Sovereign Citizen Movement.
They spent some time on the quad asking students to share why they follow the law and how it benefits them. Students wrote their reason on a board and took a picture of it. 
One of the students from the service-learning group says she is motivated by social issues and wants to get the word out. 
"What were doing is looking at the sovereign citizen movement and other radical ideologies and more extreme ideologies and educating people on what the dangers of those are, how those threaten law enforcement officers, how they threaten our just general institutions of government and then the people themselves," said Mackenzie Lawrence, Boise State student. 
Mackenzie says the group just wants to stress the importance of following the law. 
The social media contest is based on views and interactions on the groups Facebook page "One nation under the law." 
The students will be promoting their event on Wednesday at noon in the Special Events Center at Boise State.