Boise State Refugee Outreach Project seeks to make connections

Posted at 12:58 PM, Dec 15, 2021

BOISE, Idaho — Since 2019, Boise has been a designated "Welcoming City."

Boise was certified as a Welcoming City back in May of 2019 by Welcoming America, a national non-profit, non-partisan organization that provides guidance and support to help communities become more inclusive toward immigrants and all residents.

According to data from the Idaho Office for Refugees, the gem state welcomed more than 300 refugees in 2021. Some of those refugees are studying at Boise State, where students are working to connect with the community through the Refugee Outreach Project.

The project is a student-led project designed to bring the refugee community on campus closer to their fellow students through a series of interviews and shows—all held over zoom—with refugees as the focal point.