Boise State of the City Address

Posted at 10:26 PM, Sep 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 00:34:39-04

The Boise State of the City Address at the Morrison Center at Boise State was a packed house with an estimated 1000 attendees. 

During Mayor Bieter's speech, kindness was a major theme throughout.

He gave an example of the Collister Library developing what they call guerrilla kindness.

"They put a box out at the reference desk and they invited patrons to write some message of kindness, some message of encouragement," said Mayor Dave Bieter

Bieter outlined the success of many major projects including parks, libraries, community centers, and fire stations. 

He announced an initiative called "grow our housing." 

"And grow our housing is the framework for how we're going to address the issue of housing and affordable housing in our city." 

Bieter asked for the public's opinion on different modes of public transportation. 

He proposed a freeze on new development in the Boise foothills beyond the estimated 400 lots allowed under zoning.

He pledged the city of Boise facilities and operations will be powered by renewable energy by 2030. 

Bieter rounded out the speech with the way Boiseans should treat each other. 

"If we come together we can have a city of kindness, a city of wonder."