Boise State honors federal government's Tuition Assistance rate for military students

Posted at 4:08 PM, May 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-28 18:08:14-04

Beginning in fall 2019, Boise State University will honor the federal government's Tuition Assistance rate of $250 for active-duty service members earning their undergraduate degrees in particular science, management, health or communication online programs.

"They won't have any out of pocket expense except for books of course, but no additional tuition," said academic program coordinator Yanice Kirkendall.

Boise State says they've been working to implement this for a while, so military students have more access to education even when they don't have access to a traditional classroom.
"It's important for them to take that degree, say they're here at Mountain Home or Gowen Field, and then they get orders to move somewhere, with this program or any of our online programs they can essentially just take it with them instead of having to disenroll and start over with another institution," said Kirkendall.

Eligible students are any active duty, guard and reserve service members, and Boise State plans to expand programs for these students in the future.

"It's a strain for a student to have to pay, especially your military students, that have to pay more out of pocket for their education, so wanted to help them complete and meet their educational goals," said Kirkendall.