Boise State has renewed interest in sports park

Boise State has renewed interest in sports park
Posted at 5:34 AM, Apr 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-16 07:34:01-04

BOISE, Idaho — It looks like Boise State might still have an interest in partnering with the City of Boise on a new sports park.

Boise State outlined a series of requirements that university leaders say could provide the financial and logistical incentive to consider joining the city and Greenstone Properties in pursuit of the proposed sports park.

"We are pleased with Boise State University’s renewed interest in being part of the Boise Sports Park. The time is right for such a project and we believe the university’s participation will make it more dynamic and could be the difference in it becoming a reality," said Boise Mayor Dave Bieter.

Boise State announced in 2017 they would not be a part of the downtown Boise sports park. Then-Boise State president Bob Kustra stated the downtown sports park would be less financially prudent than a project that Boise State could either build or lease to own.