Boise State esports coach named coach of the year

Posted at 10:36 PM, Jun 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-18 12:34:32-04

BOISE, Idaho — The head coach Boise State University's esports team has been named the college national esports coach of the year for the 2019-2020 season.

Dr. Chris Haskell's esports program has winning records in five of the biggest collegiate esports titles.

"I'm part of a really great and growing group of amazing college coaches that happen to coach esports, and I am just grateful," said Dr. Haskell. "Just grateful to have a little bit of recognition for what our kids do."

Dr. Haskell also directs Boise State's broadcasting of its esports tournaments. The broadcasts are available on their Twitch channel, and have over 200 hours of original content, which is the most of any college esports program.

"He's a dad type of coach," said Madisyn Benge, a member of BSU's esports team. "He cares more about the mentality and well-being of his students more than anything else, and that's honestly what makes the program so great. That it's not just about getting better, it's not just about winning, he's making sure everyone is happy and having fun."

With Dr. Haskell's dedication to the program, Boise State's esports team is now getting national recognition.

Dr. Haskell will be recognized in person at the NAECAD National Convention Awards Banquet in Chicago this October.

For more information on Boise State's esports team, you can check out their website here.