Boise State Equipment staff ships the team's gear to Seattle ahead of game one

Over ten tons of equipment required for the team's season opener in Washington
Posted at 2:25 PM, Sep 01, 2023

BOISE, Idaho — There's a lot of preparation needed before a college football team suits up for an away game.

Aside from film study, practice, and travel, everything the team uses on the field needs to be packed up and shipped off to their game's destination.

Days before the Broncos will make their season debut against No. 10 Washington in Seattle, the team's equipment staff had a debut of their own.

“Whatever they need, we supply," said Dale Holste, the Head Equipment Manager for Boise State.

Idaho News 6 spoke to Holste as his staff loaded up the team truck and sent it off to Seattle. “We’ll have probably 20-25 thousand pounds worth of equipment," said Holste.

The crew loaded up shoulder pads, player bags, coaching equipment, Powerade, and much more. Almost anything you see on the sideline on gameday is prepped and packed by the equipment team.

Holste says one thing people often don't realize about the process is that the players don't do much of it at all.

"They don’t see their uniform before they walk in the locker room," Holste said, further telling us that the equipment staff will even double-check the players' bags to ensure everything is in there.

The equipment team will unload everything at the hotel when it arrives and then head over to set up the visitor locker room, all in preparation for Saturday's game.

You can watch the Broncos take on the Washington Huskies on Idaho News 6 on Saturday at 1:30 p.m.