Boise State Beach Volleyball team hosts fall tournament for the first time

Posted at 2:07 PM, Oct 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-16 16:07:54-04

BOISE, Idaho — Beach volleyball might not be the first thing that comes to mind here in Idaho, but the Boise State Broncos have been competed in this collegiate sport since 2014.

This year the NCAA featured a fall season for the first time and the Broncos hosted a tournament this weekend that featured Utah and Oregon.

"I was like there is beach volleyball in Idaho? There is no way I’m going to play beach volleyball in Idaho, but I fell in love with the city, the environment, the people, the coaching staff and here I am," said Emelia Guerra-Acuna, a freshman from San Antonio, Texas.

Many of the players on the Boise State team have similar story even if they have to explain to friends and family member why they chose Boise State.

"They are like why wouldn’t you go to California, or some hot spot for beach volleyball, but I just love it here in Idaho," said freshman Allie Wolf from Washington state. "I loved this campus, loved this campus and it was pretty much an easy decision for me."

Boise State's top squad made it to the championship game in the gold division, but Rorianna Chartier and Sierra Land finished second to Oregon's Alex Laita and Ella Tyus.

In the silver bracket Boise State's Joey Benson and Amelia Guerra-Acuna were able to beat out teammates Anika Christensen and Elli Wolthuis 28-15 in the final match.

These ladies play out in the elements which can be anything from sun, wind, they've even played in a rain storm and then of course there is the sand that just makes everything a little more difficult even if the sand provides a little softer landing than the gym floor.

"It is harder to jump, but yeah you learn to love the sand," said Guerra-Acuna. "Beach has my heart," said Wolf.

The game is played in teams of two making communication key plus that means each player has to cover a lot of ground in this fast paced sport.

There is twice as much movement, twice as much action and everybody gets to touch the ball at least every play, which is so cool," said Wolf.

Boise State beach volleyball is on an upward trajectory as the program continues to improve, this fall the NCAA created a fall season for the first time ever and in 2023 the Broncos will join the Southland Conference.

"We get to push Boise State beach volleyball’s name more now that we are in a conference and work towards the NCAA’s," said Guerra-Acuna. "We are hoping to pursue a big dream of ours.”

Boise State will be in action agains next weekend when they go to Manhattan Beach, California to play in the Collegiate Pairs West Coast Championship, they will not have another home match until next spring.