Boise starting second phase of whitewater park

Posted at 10:20 PM, Jan 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-24 00:20:03-05

Boise's Whitewater Park has been an inspiration for other cities around the country. And it is about to get bigger and better.
The City of Boise held a public meeting to share the design of the second phase.
About 50 people packed the Riverside Hotel

People were eager to get a glimpse of the next phase of the Boise Whitewater Park.

Phase one of the park opened up back in 2012.  From the start, the park was set to open up in phases. Permits have been submitted for phase two and if approved the construction will begin in August of 2018. The city project engineer John Tensen said one of the most vocal groups had been the water sports enthusiasts. This group  wanted to know the layout and make sure that the park caters to all user groups.
 Another concern came from home owners.
"Bank restoration is a concern, they want to make sure that their private property rights are not affected by users of the river. There will be people down there for major events so we have thought out  parking and crowd control and garbage collection and those types of  issues," Tensen explained.
 90 percent of design level has already been completed. The project cost 10 million dollars which was paid for by the CIty of Boise and the Kathryn Albertson Foundation.