Boise School District seeks massive bond

Posted at 9:28 PM, Nov 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-16 23:28:21-05
After a 13 month audit of the Boise School District, it was discovered that the district is in need of around 330 million dollars worth of deferred ongoing maintenance.
"Any given day, as it is raining at Amity Elementary School you could take a tour of that facility you would see that we have leaking roof there, we have carpeting that is buckling in places," explained Dan Hollar, a spokesman for the district.
In fact, 52 percent of the buildings in the district were built more than half a century ago. 
"We have a lot of buildings that were built post World War Two that are in critical need of ongoing Hollar.
The Boise School District is looking to pass a bond worth 172.5 million dollars.
That money would build six new schools on existing school sites, as well as a new school in the Harris Ranch area, an expansion of the districts professional-technical center as well as other maintenance needs for every school in the district.
"The district has some money in hand to take on some of these projects and the 172 million dollar figure that the district has kind of settled on is something that they could collect without raising tax rates," explained Kevin Richart, reporter for Idaho Education News.
While the district is looking for a hefty chunk of money, they said it won't affect tax rates. 
The district restructured their current debt at lower interest rates, and expect taxable market values to rise. Officials hope that's enough to convince voters to check yes. 
"It really is up to us as community members to make sure that we are reinvesting in the facility in our district. It's our big opportunity to do this with no increase in the tax rate," said Sue Lovelace, a parent and volunteer. 
"You should want to vote for this because you are concerned about the future of our community from the standpoint are we preparing our kids for the best opportunities that they can have whether it be college or career," said Hollar. 
The election for the bond is set for March 14th.