Boise River tree removals happening before river opens

Tree removals from Boise River pre-floating season
Posted at 4:34 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 10:23:26-04
Although an official opening date for floating the Boise River hasn’t been announced, it’s fair to say that it’s coming sooner than later as the Boise Fire Department cleared downed trees and branches on June 22nd.

“Anything that’s in the river that’s stationary is a hazard to a floater because they’re moving and trying to move through a stationary object. Usually the stationary object wins,” Boise Fire Department Captain Scott Hall explained.

Water levels have been dropping, which helps create a window to more easily remove trees.  Floaters take the lower river levels as an invitation to hop in with a raft, but officials want to warn floaters to at least wait for the official floating season to start because they will be clearing trees all week.

Firefighters recounted last year when 2 floaters got snagged by a root ball while the fire department was clearing the very tree.

“We had multiple people go under and we had two sisters not come out appropriately.  Their father was on the log trying to help them,” Captain Hall said. “We shoved the girl through the rootball -- which is a last ditch effort and she came out on the other side.  We pulled her onto the boat and had both girls rescued at the shore.”

The Boise Fire Department wants to remind floaters that although the Boise River is a big part of the Boise summer, it’s still a river and can be dangerous.

When an opening date is announced, 6 On Your Side will let the public know.