Boise River is running high and fast; experts say it's best to avoid the river

Posted at 3:53 PM, May 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-03 12:31:56-04

BOISE — The Boise Fire Department faced a scary scenario this week when the motor on their boat stopped working, the boat got stuck under a bridge during a training exercise.

Thankfully, all three members of the department's dive team were alright after the training exercise turned into a real life rescue operation.

"It can be very emotional for our organization and our people," said Chief Paul Roberts of the Boise Fire Department. "We train in these environments because that is when rescues occur, we take a risk vs. benefit action plan ready to go but it is a perfect example how sometimes things don't go as planned."

Chief Roberts told us that although the Boise River provides recreation for people all summer long, now is not the time to be recreating in the fast moving water.

The Boise River is currently running at 6680 CFS, flood stage is 7,000.

"The water is extremely cold, there is debris floating down the river and it is poor conditions for recreating on the river," said Chief Roberts.

We also ran into two women who were enjoying the sun while fishing in Eagle, they told us the Fire Department's rescue operation was an eye opener.

"If that happens to them who are trained professionals then it is way too dangerous for everyone else," said Candice Barnett. "Nobody should go by the river right now it is too full and too fast and too cold."

If you do decide to recreate in any Idaho river the most important safety equipment is a life jacket.