Boise River flowing fast and frigid

Posted at 11:24 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 10:58:04-04
The Eagle Fire Department is keeping a close eye on the Boise River. 
"Every morning we check the flows in the river," explained Battalion Chief Rob Shoplock." It gives us an idea of how much it's going to be used and then what challenges were going to face if we have to get in the water."
The river is flowing at 3000 CFS in some places. That's nearly double what is considered safe. Just yesterday three females were rescued after being caught in the river. Officials now say the trio was floating the river using innertubes. 
"If you're going out in an inner tube with just your shorts that's not adequate protection in that kind of water," said Dr. Po Huang an emergency physician at Saint Alphonsus.
The water is cold. 50° in some areas. While that may sound nice, Huang says with those temperatures you can  get hypothermia within minutes. 
"You lose control of your muscles and so the problem is that after a while you can't swim your arms don't move quite as well your arms don't coordinate quite as well and then you have drownings."
Water rescuers to this danger this possible danger to heart, they take every precaution themselves when they enter the river for rescues.
"You're going to see us with wetsuits life vests and even helmets. Safety is huge priority." Said Shoplock. 
The swift current and frigid water is not  the concern, officials also say debris in the river can get you snagged.