Boise River float season starts Wednesday!

Posted at 2:25 PM, Jun 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-29 10:49:12-04

The 2016 Boise River Float Season officially starts Wednesday, as Ada County opens the Barber Park services.

“The Treasure Valley has been anxiously waiting for the green light to float the Boise River, and Ada County Parks and Waterways is happy to announce that all Barber Park services -- including the Boise River Raft and Tube equipment rental and shuttle service -- will open on Wednesday at noon,” said Ada County spokeswoman Kate McGwire

Flows in the river reached 6,420 cubic-feet-per-second this spring, but finally dropped to 1,420 cfs this week --allowing the Boise Fire Department to clear hazardous debris and obstructions from the river. “Now, forecasts are predicting several days of triple-digit temperatures next week and, with the holiday weekend approaching, the time will be prime to float!” McGwire said.

Although the river will no longer be considered in “dangerous conditions” status, the public needs to know that the Boise River is never free and clear of all potential hazards.

The official opening of the float season means two things: 1) Barber Park services are open and available to the public, and 2) the Boise Fire Department in conjunction with city, county and state officials has conducted removal of the obvious and known obstructions to recreational floaters within the designated segment between Barber Park and Ann Morrison Park.

“The keys to a fun float trip down the Boise River are preparation, safety, and proper equipment,” McGwire said. “Outside temperatures may be hot, but the river is cold and swift -- so proper clothing, footwear, and a well-fitted personal floatation device (PFD) are recommended for all floaters.”

Children ages 14 and under are required by Idaho code to wear an approved PFD. Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated, but remember that alcohol and glass containers are prohibited on the River.

Also, floaters should follow any directional signage in place near the Broadway Bridge and use the designated take-out location on river left in Ann Morrison Park.