Boise residents continues to weigh in on F-35's environmental study

Posted at 10:32 PM, Feb 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-28 00:32:04-05

Another high profile meeting was held Tuesday evening in Boise to debate the future of F-35 at Gowen Field.  

Boise lost it's bid back in December for the fighter jets.  The United States Air Force choose Madison, Wisconsin and Montgomery, Alabama as the lead sites. The government is still conducting an environmental impact study at all five top locations.   

Kerry Cooke lives on the bench and said she does not want to see the fighter jets in her neighborhood. 

"The noise and the length of time that there will be increased noise really throughout the valley is a major concerned for a lot of us. Think about the hearing impacts to children," said Cooke.

She added that pollution is also another thing that concerns her. 

But resident Mark Vidinah says the sounds are not as bad as people think, and the pros to him outweigh the cons. 

"Basically you give the aircrews the environment to train so they can survive under the wartime conditions. The landscape to train is going to simulate the middle east, the canyons, and the desert, " said Vidinah

The final decision on where the F-35's's will happen in June of 2019. Boise is not one of the top two locations even though the city fought for the jets.