Boise Rescue Mission fundraiser for school supplies for children in poverty

Back to school supplies
Posted at 5:24 PM, Jul 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-12 19:24:37-04

Many students are beginning to think about getting school supplies ready to head back to the classroom this fall. The Boise Rescue Mission is working to ensure all students have the basic necessities.

For several years, the organization has raised money to ensure children living in poverty have back to school supplies to help them succeed. If parents are having trouble making ends meet, back to school clothing often falls to the bottom of the list of essentials.

"A few years ago, I talked with a boy who was thirteen years old, and he was going into the 9th grade. And he told me, as we were chatting that day about the clothes he was wearing and how all of those clothes had come from the Rescue Mission, and he had this new shirt, and these pants and shoes," President/CEO of Boise Rescue Mission Bill Roscoe said. "He said, 'When I go to school, I don't look like a homeless kid. I look like all the other kids.' And that really touched me."

School supplies need vary by grade level, but the need for clothing is universal: new shoes, backpacks, jackets, socks and more. Anyone looking to support the Boise Rescue Mission can also donate to the "Success in School = Success in Life" program online.