Boise Rescue Mission continues to help the homeless in the Treasure Valley

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jan 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-24 19:19:01-05

BOISE — Over the past three months the Boise Rescue Mission have provided shelter for 477 people on average every single night, a third of those people have been women and children.

However, during that time 172 of those people were able to transition into a place of their own and all of it helps keep the homeless from sleeping on the streets of Boise.

"The Boise Rescue Mission Ministries is an integral part of solving homelessness in the Treasure Valley," said Rev. Bill Roscoe of the Boise Rescue Mission.

The mission does this by offering a variety of programs to help with substance abuse and mental health while also providing job placement and learning centers in the shelter.

The mission also helps with day to day life by providing food, clothing, personal hygiene and transportation to help people with immediate needs.

They also do all of this without government funding as they rely on the community in the form of donations and volunteers.

"We live in the most generous community on the face of the Earth," said Roscoe. "I know as people here this news and understand the scope of the work that we do, they are going to be glad that they support us because this is why we don't have huge homeless camps in the Boise."

Roscoe said the mission wanted to spread this news because other cities in the west have asked why Boise doesn't have a homeless problem, Roscoe said Boise does have a homeless problem but the work of the mission and other shelters makes the problem less visible.