Boise prepares for free concert with patriotic music to honor veterans

Posted at 9:41 AM, Nov 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-07 18:51:50-05

The Boise Phil Master Chorale, the Treasure Valley Concert Band and Opera Idaho Children's Chorus will put on a free concert to honor veterans on Monday, November 12.

The concert is presented by Boise State and starts at 7:00 at the Morrison Center on BSU's campus with parking available to the public.

The team effort will combine the musical talents of all three groups to play patriotic music to support the men and women who served their country on Veterans Day.

"I Think it is really incredible, we are just trying to give them back a gift for the service they gave us by helping defend this country," said Molly O'Sullivan who has been a member of the Opera Idaho Children's Chorus for the past eight years.

These musicians have put in countless hours of work that they think will pay off in a unique way when talented musicians of all ages come together for the veterans.

"I think it really makes it special because you have different elements of the musical community coming together to show their appreciation to show their unity," said Chet Herbst of the Treasure Valley Concert Band. "To be able to put that talent to work for the benefit for those that serve this country is quite an honor."

To see this talented group rehearsing for the big night check out the video.