Boise Police unveils new domestic violence awareness patrol car

Boise Police unveils new domestic violence awareness patrol car
Posted at 1:35 PM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 15:35:37-05

Police say they handle about fourteen calls a day in Ada County from victims of possible domestic violence or sexual assaults. And there could be more -- since some victims are too afraid to come forward.

For that reason, the Boise Police Department unveiled a new specialty patrol car Thursday morning.    

Authorities hope the big purple ribbon on the car's design will help raise awareness of the problem of domestic violence here in the Boise area, telling victims of all ages -- even children or teenagers -- that there's help available.

“I really do believe this car’s presence on the street is going to cause some of our victims to feel safe to come forward,” said Boise Police Chief Bill Bones, at the event unveiling the new car. “It's going to be that trigger that (encourages them) to say, ‘I can reach out to the Boise Police Department, or to the WCA. I can go to FACES (Family Advocacy Center and Education Services). I can go to a friend, a neighbor, and tell them what’s happening and reach out for that help.’ And we've got a community that will stand behind to give them that help."

This is the third in the Boise Police Department’s fleet of specialty cars. Five years ago, the Department unveiled a breast cancer awareness cruiser. Four years ago, another specially-marked patrol car helped promote bicycle safety.

The new car unveiled Thursday is the result of a five-year joint effort between the Boise Police Department and the Women's and Children's Alliance, an organization helping domestic violence and sexual assault victims.