Boise Police: Cooper Court emergency calls down

Posted at 6:28 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 20:33:40-05

Whether or not you agree with the way city of Boise leaders handled the Cooper Court clean up, Boise police say emergency calls coming in from that neighborhood are down.

The bicycle officer Six On Your Side spoke to Friday has been patrolling on his bike for nine years now. He says there have been no issues with people trying to set up camp along Cooper Court over the last few weeks.

Officer Andy Johnson checks on the welfare of homeless in the area on a daily basis. He says the alley way leading to the Interfaith Sanctuary shelter remains free of tents and debris.

Johnson has gathered that many of the former Cooper Court residents have moved into shelters, found a place to stay through family or friends or are living along the river.

"There's always those who have challenges finding a place to go. The city is still making efforts and private groups are making efforts," Johnson says. "We're not responding to near the amount of calls for service down here that we did."

As city leaders and their partners continue on with their housing first project they just announced, the Boise/Ada County Coalition for the Homeless is moving forward with after their public information request regarding what led up to the decision to clean up Cooper Court. Members of the group say the information is being released in increments due to the large file size. Once they have a chance to review it, they have plans to make the information public.