Boise Police: Children possibly injured in cited/unlicensed daycares

Posted at 1:43 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-06 18:09:56-04

 The Boise Police Department Special Victim’s Unit recently investigated several allegations of young children being seriously injured while attending daycare facilities or in-home daycares, according to a Boise Police Department news release. 

“Many of these facilities, upon further investigation, received citations for violations to the Boise City Child Care Licensing Code. In at least one investigation, it was discovered that the injured child was attending an illegal, unlicensed daycare,” the release stated.

“The injuries we investigated recently ranged from reports of lewd conduct to other serious injuries requiring medical attention,” said Boise Police spokesperson Haley Williams. “We know it’s normal for kids to get small bumps and bruises -- and there are typically steps in place to remedy those -- but what we have seen recently are injures that are are much more serious.”

She said investigators started seeing “a rise” in the number of allegations over the past few months
Boise Police learned of the cases through “individual reports from hospitals or people known to the victims,” Williams said.

The BPD Special Victim’s Unit urges parents using child care services within the City of Boise to visit the Boise Child Care link -- to ensure their daycare is a properly-licensed provider.