Boise Photographer asking for help to find stolen camera with once in a lifetime photos on it

Posted at 8:12 PM, Jul 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-30 22:12:11-04

“You took someone’s memories that they may not be able to replace,” said Sarah Ledford of ShutterHappy Photography in disbelief.

The professional photographer had her camera stolen on Friday on the hiking trails near Camel’s Back park between photo shoots. Sarah says she was grabbing some gear out of her car when her clients, who were just leaving, saw a heavyset white woman with dark hair put the camera in a backpack and walk off, not knowing it was a thief.

“I sent my clients texts right away saying seriously someone just stole the camera, so they turned around and came right back and said we watched her do it,” said Sarah.

Sarah said the gear that was stolen has a combined value of more than five thousand dollars, but she’s more worried about getting the pictures that were on the camera back than the gear itself.

“The maternity session that was on there, mom has a history of delivering at 37 weeks, she’s 36 weeks today. Her husband is only available on Friday’s so we can’t re-shoot her maternity session until upcoming Friday, risking the chance she’s going to deliver before we re-shoot her session,” said Sarah.

Sarah called Boise Police and has reached out to her fans on Facebook for help. Her post is going viral, being shared over a thousand times, but still no sign of the thief or the camera. Sarah is still able to work in the meantime using an older camera and is expecting insurance to cover the stolen gear. She hopes the expecting parents will get the photos back.

“It’s not that simple as she can just go retake the pictures, it’s not that simple, so you took something that can’t be replaced,” said Sarah.