Boise Police Department Officer injured in lethal shootout with armed suspect changes hospitals

From St. Al's to Craig Hospital in Denver, Co
Posted at 5:58 PM, Jan 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-05 19:58:51-05

Boise Police Department officer Corporal Kevin Holtry has departed Boise and is continuing his medical care at Craig Hospital in Denver. This morning, a motorcade preceded by two snowplows from the Idaho Department of Transportation, including Boise Police and other police departments, escorted police Cpl. Holtry on a small tour through Boise before departing to Craig Hospital in Denver.

He says it's one of the top two hospitals for people with spinal injuries such as he suffered November 11, 2016 in a lethal shootout on the Boise bench against a suspected wanted for a double shooting in Meridian and a carjacking of an 89 year old woman's car.

Boise Police Deputy Chief Eugene Smith says the police department is grateful for all the support it has received from the public, saying, "It's all we can do to say thanks. We wish we could do more, but that's all we've got.."

He also said even the Idaho Department of Transportation made the extraordinary gesture of offering to clear the way, he said, in gratitude for the sacrifice made by Officer Holtry.