Boise Metro Chamber to host a virtual discussion on business owners' legal rights

Posted at 11:18 PM, Dec 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-21 11:15:16-05

IDAHO — The COVID-19 pandemic has forced local business owners to make changes. From mask requirements to limiting store capacity and dealing with protestors and pushback, The Boise Metro Chamber said it hasn't been easy.

"Giving some of the events that happened like on Saturday a couple of weeks ago. The Central District Health board meetings. We think the contentious dialogue that we are in right now in our community that businesses need to be protected from that, and need to know what their rights are as they address those issues,"
Tom Mortell an attorney with Hawley Troxell.

Mortell also serves as a board member with the Boise Metro Chamber, and he will be guiding a virtual discussion about business owners' legal rights.

"They have property rights in their business and in their space, and they can deny service to folks who aren't willing to do certain things," Mortell said. "We've all seen the signs in the windows that say no shoes, no shirts, no service. We can easily have signs that say no mask, no service. That's our right as property owners and business owners to exclude whoever we want as long we do it in a non-discriminatory way."

Mortell said they would also speak about the steps business owners can take to avoid getting into trouble.

"We think it's really important that businesses understand there could be a liability; if you put your hand on someone and try violently eject them from your business, that could be a difficult situation from a legal standpoint," he said. "So just trying to help businesses understand how they can make good decisions for their business while protecting their employees and customers."

"The Know Your Business rights" online event will occur on Monday, Dec. 21, and start at noon.