Boise Mayor announces Climate Action Division

Posted at 3:58 PM, Jul 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-16 17:58:03-04

BOISE, Idaho — Boise Mayor Lauren McLean announced the formation of a Climate Action Division Thursday, to help accelerate climate action. The Climate Action Division has a focus on ensuring Boise is a resilient city, with the goal of Boise positioning itself to be a national leader in mitigating climate impacts and innovating around the creation of a robust climate economy.

“I can’t overstate the significance of this team’s creation,” said Mayor McLean. “I’ve said from day one that meaningful impact for our community requires bold action not big talk. The formation of Boise’s first-ever Climate Action Division places climate solutions and innovation at the center of our efforts to create opportunity for everyone, take steps to ensure our community recovers economically, and prepares us for the future ahead.”

The Climate Action Division is currently being formed with existing city staff to put a singular focus on climate change, preparedness, and innovation in the city. In the coming months, Boise residents can expect to see an acceleration in the development of the community’s first-ever climate action plan.

Mayor McLean hopes the Division and its climate action change will seek innovative practices to create economic opportunities and ensure residents benefit from the program. The plan will emphasize health, economic opportunity and equity for all Boise residents in the actions done by the Division, including a climate justice baseline report.

The City of Boise will develop a strategy with national experts and the community. Officials will ensure the strategy is representative of Boise and that it reflects the energy, economic, transportation, and environmental values of the City and residents.

Boise residents and businesses will be invited to participate and offer feedback on their climate priorities and values. You will have an opportunity to help shape the plan that will have impacts on clean energy, methane gas use, transportation, open space and more. The plan will also detail what Boise residents and businesses can do to help make Boise a climate-resilient city through actions such as energy efficiency, waste reduction and water conservation.