Boise inventor creates new child-resistant pill bottle

Posted at 12:25 PM, Aug 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-22 19:56:23-04

Chryssa Rich says she's not afraid to admit she's had to call poison control twice after her kids got into pills in her purse. 

After those experiences, Rich realized there wasn't a way to travel with multiple medications or vitamins that didn't involve mixing them in a plastic bag or carrying multiple child-resistant bottles. She hopes her invention, the Take Six, will provide a space-saving alternative missing from the current market. 

"Every time I'd travel I'd ask other parents and travelers: what do you do, what have you found?" Rich said. "I tried to find something to buy, and there just wasn't anything out there. So, I came up with this idea and I started mentioning that to a couple people and they said, that would be amazing. I would buy that today."

Along with the help of a local engineer, Rich spent more than a year designing the Take Six bottle. Multiple sketches and 3D-printed prototypes led her to the current design.