Boise Impact Club members gives tens of thousands to foster care charity Boise Angels

Three groups pitched their mission statement, but only one took home the cash prize.
Posted at 10:48 PM, Mar 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-07 14:21:31-05

BOISE, Idaho — Impact Club Boise is not far off from a show you might already watch on 6 On Your Side... Shark Tank!

"We hear the stories of these awesome organizations in town... they gotta share their story of why the funds would be impactful to them!" said Mike Turner, Co-founder, Impact Club Boise.

Except, in true Idaho fashion, these sharks aren't looking for something to gain, they're looking for somewhere to give.

"In our lives, everybody needs help some time, right?" said Phil Mount, Member, Impact Club.

What's on the line? Each member's $100 donation combined adds up to an award of more than $21,000 dollars.

"This collective amount that could really-- ya know-- change the game for a lot of these organizations," said Turner.

Emilee Fortin's organization, Boise Angels, was one of three lucky groups to be drawn "out of a hat" to present a pitch.

"I started working on my speech as soon as I heard about it, and I've just been practicing with my family," said Fortin, Vice President, Boise Angels.

Her family makes up a sizable audience to practice with too--she now has half a dozen kids.

"Our girls brought us to our family of six and we're at capacity."

In 2015, her family fostered two children.

"Some of these children come from homes of severe neglect--as in the case of the two little girls we ended up adopting," said Fortin.

With her experience, last fall, she joined the new nonprofit.

"We match foster families with a group of people that support them through a 'love box,' and what that looks like is just meeting practical needs, or just needs that they have as a family," said Fortin.

And after votes were tallied, the winner was announced with a drumroll: Boise Angels!

"Thank you. I really have nothing to say but thanks. This is going to make a huge, huge difference in the lives of these children in our community, and I'm excited for you guys to get to see that--so you'll see it!" said Fortin.

Learn more about Impact Club Boise here.