Boise icon turns calendar girl for charity

Posted at 9:55 PM, Nov 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-29 23:55:41-05
There is Betty Boop, First Lady Betty Ford, Golden Girl Betty White, and of course Boise's Betty the Washwoman.
The latter is no celebrity but is certainly famous for those on the Boise Bench. Betty the Washwoman has been hard at work on Vista Avenue for nearly 70 years. But, if you've seen her lately you'll notice she's gotten herself a few makeovers.
"She's been sitting there like a used car lot for a long time and then she got clothes every once in a while. Then when we were sold the property it was like, lets have fun with her. Let's have her be a dress-up doll," said Mary Jean Wegner, owner of Cucina Di Paolo. 
So, this past year Betty the Washwoman scrubbed the runway with a few new styles.
Every outfit that Betty wears is sponsored by a different group in the community. A different ensemble for each month of the year. 
Armed with a camera, a model, and a fashionably charitable idea, Restaurant Cucina Di Paolo decided to make Betty the Washwoman a bit more like Bettie Page and turn her into a calendar girl, and all of the proceeds for each of the calendars sold goes to the Idaho Foodbank. 
"People caring about somebody else not just about theirselves-- that's it. That's what community is. Not all about me, but what can we give each other," said Wegner.
As outfits change with the season, Betty's new spunky personality is a fashion show that never goes out of style.