Boise girls inspire others with hearing loss

Posted at 9:15 PM, Jan 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-22 23:33:08-05

Gretta and Eliza For are two Boise girls who have made it their mission to show the world just how awesome hearing aids can be. 

It all started when Gretta wanted to get her ears pierced, but because of her hearing aid, the doctor said she had to postpone the right of passage until she got older. Gretta didn’t like being told she couldn’t do something simply because of her disability, so she improvised.

"My mom had heard there is some people who make hearing charms that can go on your tubes that can look like earrings,” said Gretta.

They searched online, but as it turns out, they were really expensive, so rather than buying them, they go the idea to make them instead. 

"And I think I made thirty in three weeks I wanted them so bad,” explained Gretta.

It was then that Gretta became and unknowing advocated for other kids with disabilities, including a girl in London. 

"There was a mom who was like ‘my daughter doesn't like wearing her hearing aids. She feels like she get bullied too much. She feels like they are not cool’,” said Gretta.

So Gretta sent the girl a pair of hearing aid charms she made along with a message. 

"You might not think hearing aids are cool but once you get to fourth grade you actually realize it’s a lot of technology packing into a little thing and it’s crazy and this is coming from a fourth grader. They are cool,” Gretta explained.

Gretta made hearing aids seem so cool, her little sister Eliza was excited when she found out she needed them too. 

"I was like ok I have a hearing aid. It didn't really make me feel sad because I was like well they already have hearing aids so yay have hearing aids now,” laughed Eliza.

Eliza began to wear her hearing aid with the hearing aid charms.

"I guess I saw them as another reason to wear your hearing aids. Instead of just having them on to help amplify sound around you it can be for a little style of jewels,” explained Eliza.

Gretta says while she makes it look easy, it isn’t always. She’s been bullied a lot so she taught Eliza how to respond. 

Wanting to help other kids with hearing aids, the Ford sisters made a Youtube page ‘the hearing girls’ to educate, inform, and help others. 

"I know if someone had a Youtube channel and did all of this it would help me a lot. I wouldn't have had to go through half as much bullying I had to go through and it would get a lot easier,” explained Gretta.