Boise girl scout plans on joining Scout BSA

Posted at 10:06 PM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-04 00:06:51-04

The Boy Scouts of America are making some changes. After 108 years the group is changing its name to "Scouts BSA" as it prepares to add girls to the mix. The changes have left many with questions. What does the future hold for the boy scouts? What does this mean for the girl scouts?

Last year the Boy Scouts of America opened their program to girls. The cub scouts, aimed at elementary aged kids, has already gone co-ed.  Next February older girls can join the program formerly known as Boy Scouts of America 

"It's not just for boys, but girls can do it too," said Kaitryn Neely.

Neely is one of the many girls that will be lining up to join the group. The 14-year-old says it's always been her dream.

"I've always admired my brother, and I've always wanted to get closer to him," said Neely.

Neely is currently a Senior Girl Scout with ten years of experience underneath her belt. 

"Girl scouts really empowers girls and helps them achieve what they didn't think they could achieve, but then boy scouts gives you a lot of new experiences and adventures," said Neely.

While Neely is excited about the changes not everyone feels the same.

"I think they were made to be the same concept but totally different because the two genders are totally different," said Boy Scout.

The changes have some wondering what this means for the girl scouts organization.

"Girls need these kinds of programs more than ever. We are not going anywhere. Our girls are so strong and so committed to this organization, and we have a bright future ahead," said Patricia Pyke, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of Silver Sage.

Neely says once a girl scout always a girl scout. She plans on being apart of both organizations.

"The Eagle Award is such a big thing in boy scouts, and I feel like it would be so cool to get both my gold and eagle awards," said Neely.