Boise football players speak about daring rescue

Posted at 9:01 PM, May 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 23:01:46-04

It's a video which went viral -- a story which has captivated Idahoans and people from across the country alike. 

A team of teenage football players pulling over their vehicles to save two lives. Because of their quick actions, the Boise Black Knights football team is making headlines for more than just winning the championship.

"We didn't even know that it would go viral at first. We didn't think it was a big deal," Regan Magill said. He shot the viral video and helped rescue the couple. 

Even before the rescue, the Black Knights were on top of the world -- winning a national championship at a tournament in San Jose, California. 

The team was heading home on Highway 95 just south of Jordan Valley, Oregon when they noticed a Jeep spinning out of control.

That's when the team spirit kicked in one more time.

"We pretty much sped up as fast as we could," Magill said.

Black Knights streamed out of their vans and jumped into action, rescuing a man and then working together to lift the vehicle so a woman could escape. The young men say they weren't going to let the weight of the car stop them from saving lives. 

"I was afraid if we put the car down something worse would have happened," said Magill.

One of Magill's teammates was confident they would get the job done. 

"I knew we could save them because we work well as a team," Adam Madrill, another player on the team, said. 

As to why they helped instead of just passing on by, the players say it's just the Idaho way. And their coach Rudy Jackson says he's proud to lead such a fine group of young men.

"It was really just a selfless act," Jackson said. "It was really a humble act. They just went and did what they thought they were supposed to and then they got back in the van and went home."

After the rescue, the excitement of winning a championship faded as the players processed what happened.

"It was kind of just I guess because everyone was in shock as to what happened," Jackson said. 

But the boys say, this experience doesn't overshadow their championship hardware. Instead, it makes their win so much sweeter.

"Saving lives feels a lot better than winning a national championship," Madrill said. "This is bigger."