Boise Fire Alert: Fireworks ban in foothills

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jun 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-23 20:22:36-04

Fireworks stands are starting to open for business all across the Treasure Valley. The Fourth of July is now less than two weeks away.

Area fire officials warn that with the grass drying out right now an accidental start could turn into criminal charges with penalties involving restitution fines and/or jail time.

We all know that fireworks explode and are pretty to see. However, they can cause injuries and harm to property.

Those with the Boise Fire Department want you to have fun but to keep some things in mind starting off with where you light them up. There is a fireworks ban in place for the Boise foothills as well, from North Hill Road to Warm Springs Avenue.

"Shooting them off at a parking lot or a street or a driveway is much better than shooting them off in a field or shooting them off up at Table Rock, for example," says Deputy Chief Romeo Gervais, Boise Fire Department.

Even ones you buy that have been approved to sell at local fireworks stands can cause a trip to the emergency room.

"Even how fun it is when you're 8-year-old is running around with a sparker, realize that the end of that is burning at 1,200 degrees," Gervais says. "So, even a legal firework is really hot and can cause burn injuries if it's grabbed or touched."

It's advised that parents light all fireworks, a bucket of water or garden house is nearby and that after their use they're soaked in water to ensure they do not start a fire in the garbage or dumpster.

To view the ban area map or learn more about fireworks safety, visit