Boise elects female majority council

It's the beginning of a new women empowerment
Posted at 10:22 PM, Jan 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-16 00:39:27-05

Women across the nation are stepping up and saying they have had enough of sexual harassment and unequal pay. 

Some are saying this is the beginning of a new women empowerment movement. 

Here at home for the first time, Boise has just sworn in a predominantly female city council.

Boise City Council swore in their newly elected officials making history with a predominantly female delegation. Women are also rising in the ranks across the nation.

According to Emily's List, a political website more than 20,000 women were interested in running for office in 2017 citing the 2016 elections as a wakeup call. 

"I think the work has been ongoing for quite some time. I just think there is more focus on it now because of social media. I think a lot of rhetoric that has come from president trump," Said Lisa Sanchez, Boise City Council Member.

Sanchez is not only one of the newest female members on the city council, but also the first ever Hispanic female elected. She said she's ready to empower other women leaving a legacy like longtime council member and now state senator Maryanne Jordan.

"No woman is surprised to hear another woman tell their story about sexual harassment. we all have a story," Said Jordan

 And Jordan is not afraid to share hers.

"Out of college, I had a job where I was being harassed very badly. I went to management, and I was not helped at all it was the old that's just the way he is don't worry about it," Jordan added.

Jordan quit that job but did not let that stop her from pursuing a career in politics, from 15 years in Boise City Council and now the state senate.

 As more woman seek leadership roles Jordan says remember this.

"It's important that women are supporting one another and that we are holding each other accountable and make sure we are behaving the way that we want people to behave towards us," Jordan said.

 Jordan sees Boise as is a forward-thinking community. Sanchez said she wants to serve to keep that momentum going.

"We would like to keep those issues from beginning in the first place," Said Sanchez

With four women now helping to run the state's largest city, Boise could become an example for the rest of the nation.