Boise doctor gives away free oral surgery to college student in need

Posted at 3:03 PM, Aug 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-14 17:38:26-04

Dr. Scott Bobst spent about a decade of his life as a college student, so he knows the struggles students can face.

"Sometimes I wouldn't even buy my books.because I didn't have enough money so I'd just photocopy people's," Bobst said. "Sometimes you're just scraping through, and I remember people sending us peanut butter in the mail just to survive."

Now, as an oral surgeon with his own Boise practice, Bobst doesn't worry about being able to afford peanut butter, so he's decided to give back by offering free wisdom teeth removal to deserving college students.

"The thought is that if we can do this program where the money they would normally spend on wisdom teeth they can spend on books or college or education, then it's something where they can be helped," he said. 

The surgery can cost around $2,100 out-of-pocket. 

"I've seen kids come in and they're swollen and hurting and trying to study for an exam, and it can just be a really difficult thing to deal with when you're in college," Bobst said.

College of Western Idaho student Elvis Sose was the recipient of the free surgery performed Monday. 

“If I am selected for the Wisdom for Wisdom Program, it would help out my financial situation tremendously," Sose wrote in his application. "I am currently living at home with just my mom and my sister, and I am working part-time."

Sose plans to transfer from CWI to Boise State University to pursue a degree in business after this semester. 

"It's a relief knowing that I can actually put that money towards something else," he said.

Sose says he being chosen as the recipient in this program has him thinking of ways he can give back when his time comes. 

"Absolutely, I'm going to remember this forever," Sose said.