Boise District Bureau of Land Management tours Boise Front in preparation for fire season

Posted at 10:09 PM, Jun 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-23 00:09:22-04

The Boise District Bureau of Land Management is gearing up for fire season with a bird's eye view. They, along with other Treasure Valley fire agencies toured the Boise Front in a helicopter Thursday morning to get a better idea of the battles to come.

"It's basically going in over different scenarios different areas of the Boise Front and how fire would play out in those scenarios," explained Jared Jablonski of the Boise District BLM.

From the air, they took a close look at new developments, how they would get in on the ground and where they would get water from. The Boise District BLM says this aerial survey helps them and other firefighters come up with a battle plan. 

"As illustrated by the Table Rock Fire last year, it's extremely important for cooperators and agencies to work together for wildland fire especially in a wildland-urban interface," said Jablonski.

That battle could be fought sooner than you think. Jared says wet conditions from this past spring have caused grasses to grow fuller and taller in the lower elevation. Cheatgrass and other weeds are already starting to dry out creating plenty of fuel.

"This is Medusa Head Rye," explained Jablonski. "It's a very flashy fuel type so that's obviously a huge concern when it comes to starting and carrying wildland fire. There is really nothing that can stop it from carrying through the grass until it reaches an area with less vegetation."

With most fires being human caused, the BLM is asking people to remember that fireworks and some types of ammo are not allowed on BLM land during fire season.