Boise Cricket Club aims to reach area youth

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jul 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-23 20:14:36-04

The sport of cricket could very well be the next up and coming sport to hit the City of Trees. That's the hope, at least, for Boise Cricket Club members who have big plans for the future.

Each summer weekend, BCC members gather at Ann Morrison Park.

As Tom Green explains, the group is wanting to focus more on community outreach saying, "A bunch of people walk past or drive past with queried looks on their face wondering what's going on there. We want to address that."

Prior to start time, the scenario is similar to baseball with the teams warming up and getting pumped up for the game.

There is a coin toss to see who is up to bat first. Then, the 3-4 hour game begins.

Those who are passionate about the sport realize the game length could make some shy away from the sport but say once you understand the rules, having fun makes the time fly.

The club has come a long way from where they started.

"There is a lot of interest which we are happy about because eight years ago, there were 15 guys wanting to play amongst each each.. we were begging people to come play," says Pratap Murali, an assistant coach and BCC member. "Now we have like 80-90 players."

While there are many similarities to America's favorite past time, cricket is fundamentally different as far as the rules and scoring.

"Pitchers" in this sport are called bowlers.

"The bowlers bowl the ball into the ground as opposed to straight to the batter," Green explains. "So, the batsman has to judge the ball bouncing up towards them."

With momentum already going strong, the club members have plans to do more outreach with area youth. They say the England sport is for all ages, men and women.

"We want this to be a complete, community sport with different league levels," Murali says. "And, I think we're headed there."

Anyone interested in learning more about the game of cricket is welcome to stop by the park on weekend mornings.

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