Boise Christmas Lights map shows you where to find the best displays

Posted at 9:42 PM, Dec 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-19 12:39:45-05

If you're looking for the best Christmas light displays in the Treasure Valley, finding them is just a few clicks away. The Luthy family in Meridian has lost count of just how many Christmas lights are on display at their home, but for them that's a good thing. Being able to share their light up Christmas wonderland is their goal.

"For us it's magical. It's about having other people enjoy something and it's something that's free and it's something they can do as a family," said Shannon Luthy.

And with the help of a BSU student, more people are getting to enjoy them. William Higginson has created the ultimate map for the holiday lover using Google Maps. It shows you where in the Treasure Valley you can find the best Christmas light displays.

"Christmas lights are so beautiful there are so many great displays out there and there just really fun to just drive around and see," said Higginson

The map includes public displays set up by cities and local companies but also home displays.  People can email William their address, include photos and information about their Christmas light displays and he'll add them to the map. It's the second year William has done it and so far more 50 homes are the map.

"The most frequently asked question I get is, 'is my house worthy to be put on the map'” said Higginson. He says he tells people that “If your house belonged to someone else, would you be willing to get in your car and drive out of your way and go see it? And if you are I want to know about it."

For the Luthy family, William and his work are helping them spread their holiday cheer.

"It's not a matter of competition or who has the biggest, who has the best,  but more about the experience and joy it can bring to everybody else in the community."

To find a link to the map click here. There you can also add your display.