Boise Christians welcom Muslims at Mosque

Posted at 10:16 PM, Feb 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-05 00:16:41-05

At a time when political and religious tension are running high some Boise Christians are opening their arms to local Muslims on their way to pray. Laura Armstrong and her husband Nick lined up volunteers to greet Muslims to the Islamic Center of Boise to pray.

"It is because we are Christians and we feel we are called in the bible to love our neighbors," said Laura Armstrong.

She feels its valuable because at one time, she and her husband nick, as Christians, were in the minority. In Malaysia.

"Our neighbors were the sweetest, kindest people. All of them were Muslims around us. We were christian. We were the minority. So we know what it means to be the minority, and we want to be welcoming like we were welcomed," explained Armstrong.

Emad Awadalla lives in Boise.

"I have been a Muslim all my life. I studied Islam. I understand Islam," said Awadalla.

And he says feels American politics don't reflect his experience with Islam.

" it pains me when I hear people say things that are completely out of context so they can position them. As Islam being a hate religion," explained Awadalla.

He says Islam has it's own equivalent of "An eye for an eye" like it says in the old testament book of Leviticus -- but in Islam...

"God actually classifies the people that forgive as a higher class of believers than the ones that retaliate," said Awadalla.

He says Islam has an equivalent of "Turn the other cheek, like it says in the book of Matthew. But he despairs that there are even Muslims who interpret Islam to their own ends as well.

"When the hate mongers pick up verses or incomplete verses of the Koran to incite hate, violence and extremism, I can take out verses, full verses, that have the essence, that have the meaning, about tolerance, forgiveness and and love," explained Awadalla.

He felt the presence of the volunteers was a positive experience.

"You would like to have this under different circumstances, but the fact that the community comes together is a great thing," said Awadalla.

And laura says if a christian has fear:

"I would implore them to get out of their home, if they have any questions about people who are Muslim. Get out and meet a person who's a Muslim. Get out and meet somebody from another culture," explained Awadalla