Boise Choruses work to open hearts and minds through music

Posted at 9:09 AM, May 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-06 10:06:52-04

Idaho Gives, the state's largest campaign of online giving, is officially underway!

The Boise Choruses are just one of the hundreds of nonprofits across the state taking part. The choruses are made up of two groups: the gay men's chorus and the women's chorus. The idea is to create a space of love and music for everyone.

"It's a place of belonging," explained Kelly Kaye, Artistic Director of the Boise Gay Men's Chorus.

"Especially people who don't know us," added Matt Roos, a longtime member of the chorus. "Maybe (they) don't know anyone in the gay community--so they can see we're okay. We're not bad people."

The groups' motto is "opening hearts and minds through music" but this past year made that mission difficult. COVID restrictions meant the groups couldn't practice, let alone perform.

"This last year, it's been so hard we haven't been able to be together. It was truly painful to not be together," Kaye said.

In times of darkness though, Roos insists music can still shine through it all.

"It's just human--it's so human--instead of starting at a screen to have people, living breathing people in a room singing together," Roos said.

They're asking for the community's help to allow them to keep singing--and providing a safe space to those who need it.

"The generosity of our community is pretty amazing, and to have them support us financially is huge," said Sidney Hudson, Artistic Director of the Boise Women's Chorus.

Help us reach our goal of $2,500 beginning this Thursday, April 29 through May 6 by visiting our page on Idaho Gives!...

Posted by Boise Gay Men's Chorus on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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