Boise catches the 'snitch' of a lifetime; Major League Quidditch

Posted at 10:12 PM, Dec 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-27 16:21:00-05

Hold on to your broomsticks, Boise caught the snitch of a lifetime. Major League Quidditch is headed to Boise.

Were not just talking the sport for witches and wizards, we are taking the real sport for real people. 

It was announced that the Boise Grays will be replacing the Phoenix Sol in the west division of the National Quidditch League for the 2018 season, news that Stewart Driflot, a former captain for the Boise State quidditch team said he was ecstatic to hear. 

"I was dancing in the gym. I was just having a good time,” said Driflot.

You may recognize the sport from Harry Potter but as it turns our it’s not just a sport played at Hogwards. Boise is home to an active and growing community of Quidditch players, in fact, the Boise State quidditch team was national ranked in 2016. 

While the goal of the game simply put is to get the ball through the hoop, Quidditch can also help you score in life. Driflot competed for Team USA in Frankfurt,Germany in 2016. 

He said that Boise having a pro quidditch team means the chance for the sport to grow and allows players to have similar opportunities. 

"I mean with the semi pro teams right now I think every state could possibly have one someday. I think that the college teams can continue to thrive.

But really, it’s mostly just about playing a game with friends.  

"It’s fun just getting to play catch,” said Driflot. “I’ve been living the dream and now I get to continue to with the Boise Grays coming to town so i’m pumped."

Tryouts will be held in April. The team is open to all ages and genders.