Boise cat reunited with family after four years

Posted at 10:10 PM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-19 00:26:18-04

A Boise cat that went missing from its home is now back with its family, but what makes the story truly miraculous is the fact that the cat went missing more than four years ago. 

Austin was just four years old when a cat showed up on their families doorstep.

"She was malnourished and just very runty," said Austin's mom, Vanessa Dudy.

Austin's family ended up taking her in and nursing her back to health. Eventually, they adopted her and had her fixed. They called her Snickerdoodle, but then about a year later, the cat got out when they were moving. 

The family posted signs and search for roughly four months, but never saw any sign of Snickerdoodle.

Then, four years later, at a home between the families old house and their new one, Kay Resavage's grandchildren ran inside after they found a cat. 

"I had seen the cat out here before but didn't pay any attention to it," said Resavage. "It was really friendly and it was hungry so I fed it some dog food."

Then the cat really started to grow on Resavage and she began feeding it twice a day. Wondering if it possibly belonged to someone, she decided to post a photo of it on Boise Bench Dwellers Facebook page and quickly received a message from Vanessa asking her if she could come take a look at the cat. 

"We went out back and sit there and I just called kitty kitty and here she came and she seemed to know them. She just acted like she knew who they were because nobody else could really pick her up," explained Resavage.

Then, after looking at old pictures of Snickerdoodle, the similarities were undeniable. 

"The fact that the markings are the same. she still has the scar from when we had her fixed," said Dudy.

They took Snickerdoodle home where she lives happily ever after.  

"I almost had tears in my eyes. It was just kind of like a miracle," said Resavage. 

"I feel whole. I don't know how else to explain it because she was our first pet," said Dudy.