Boise business helps home owners affected by Tropical Storm Florence

Posted at 10:33 PM, Sep 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-15 00:33:18-04

Many residents in South Carolina are working to protect their homes from the effects of Tropical Storm Florence. 

Flood Defense Group is a business right out of Boise.
"The windows are boarded up, sand bags are everywhere, fortifications everywhere and basically everyone is preparing for a war against water," said Keith Anderson, Flood Defense Group. 

You may recall their flood barriers being placed around Zoo Boise during Boise River flooding in 2017. 

Anderson was on a project in Los Angeles when he got the call to help protect homes in South Carolina and sprang into action. 

"Built barriers around 12 different houses. I am personally overseeing three of them when the hurricane and flood waters hit so we have protected a number of homes but additionally we are sitting behind the fortifications making sure that they hold strong."

Anderson says the hurricane poses a triple threat for water damage with heavy rains, overflowing rivers, and coastal surges. 

"So they have a variety of flood problems from three different angles at least." 

"It's been surprisingly quiet because everyone is evacuating, not everyone. You know, we have a lot of structures that we came into protect. There's it's kind of like a ghost town."

Anderson says the best part of the job is giving people hope. 

"I'm coming here and I see people who have flooded again and again and every time they flood it's just a traumatic experience where they have to gut their entire house you know,  family heirlooms, assets, picture, the lost people experience is significant."