Boise boxer recalls 1962 bout with Ali

Posted at 10:57 PM, Jun 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 00:57:26-04
Not many people got to know Muhammad Ali. But Boise's George Logan met him inside the ring.
"He jabbed and around a lot. I thought I was on the offense."
He still has the same gloves he used in the 1962 fight. George and Cassius Clay, who would later change his name to Ali, exchanged blow after blow. It was a fight George says got a little dirty, claiming Ali put his thumb in his eye while his corner told him to hit low. 
"I told my manager, I said if I got to fight dirty to win this fight  I'll just soon lose."
And lose he did in the 4th round. The referee called the fight, technical knockout after Logan's eye was swollen shut. Unfortunately, the footage of their battle has been lost. Something George says is just more proof Ali fought dirty. 
"It's the only consolation I have, to lose to such a  world champion. It makes me feel a little better," laughed Logan.
George says Ali did so much for the sport, getting more fans interested boxing. The pair would meet again in 1985 when Ali made a visit to Boise. Ali would later even sign a poster for him that he gave to his daughter. George says he would have loved a rematch. 
"Not only could of, I would of done better I feel if I had another re-match."