Boise Bicycle Project expands as state prepares to upgrade child pedestrian walkways

Posted at 10:09 PM, Apr 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-22 00:09:41-04

The Boise Bicycle Project has raised their roof at their headquarters, adding 2,000 square feet. Improvements include a new second floor with offices and a covered area for their bike shed. 

"I think we are really excited to see what this space is going to do not only for the Boise Bicycle Project but for the bicycle community as a whole," said founder and executive director of the Boise Bicycle Project Jimmy Hallyburton.

While the Boise Bicycle Project is now where they want to be, they say some of Idaho's roads still need a safety upgrade. That upgrade could be on its way after the legislature paved the way for the Idaho Transportation Department to improve child pedestrian walkways. One area the Boise Bicycle Project would like to see improved is the Boise Bench. The same neighborhood where a young Boise boy, Max Wyatt, almost died after being struck by a car while riding his bike back in 2015. 

"I think a lot of time when people are driving they are driving at the speeds they are comfortable with, not necessarily the speed limit posted on the road and often times they don't know they are speeding," said Hallyburton.

A spokesman for I.T.D. says while the legislation has passed. They are still trying to figure out how it will work. They are even still working to define the term  quote "child pedestrian walkways."

"At this point in time we are still working with our partners and stakeholders with local communities highway jurisdictions to determine the ramifications of this legislation on how we are best going to approach it, said Idaho Transportation Department Spokesman Jake Melder.

As far money goes,  I.T.D. won't know how much they can spend until the start of the next fiscal year.