Boise based company makes UTV fire fighting vehicle

Posted at 6:21 PM, Sep 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-08 20:22:24-04

Dozens and dozens of wildfires are currently burning throughout the West, many in remote hard to reach areas making fire fighting efforts challenging, but a Boise based company is hoping to make thing easier for crews with UTV fire fighting vehicles. 

"Well a UTV is actually really nice because you can use it for a quick attack. It can get to a lot of places that maybe a truck can't," explained Chad Moffat, President of Boise Mobile Equipment.

The vehicles can also get there very quickly and with 100 gallons of water onboard.

"When a fire is still small you can actually put it out before it spreads to the point where it's out of control," said Moffat.

They are not just helpful in fires. It can also be used for life-saving efforts.

"We actually develop platforms to go inside to be able to transport people, so not only can the UTV's do fire attack, they can also transport injured people out of areas that maybe a truck or an ambulance can't get to," said Moffat.

Boise Mobile Equipment said while there are other UTV's out there, they wanted to develop something that took into consideration what fire fighters thought, what tools they would like to see onboard, and with safety as a top priority. 

"It's amazing what fire fighting capabilities have increased over the last few years. To be able to bring some of these products to the market I think enhances a fire departments ability to serve the needs of their area," said Moffat.

While they will be available to crews throughout the country, Boise Mobile Equipment designed them to work right in our own back yard.

"We have so many areas that are somewhat difficult to get to and so to be able to have UTV's that can get there and help them access and do the job they need to do and work to save people is extremely important," said Moffat.