Boise-based Black Box VR named Best Start-Up of 2018 at CES

Posted at 5:27 PM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 19:27:40-05

Trade in the free weights for a headset and one-of-a-kind arm bands, because a new — and virtual — way to workout is finally here. 

“Black Box is the world’s first virtual reality fitness experience that uses real resistance,” said Preston Lewis, co-founder. “So, what we’ve done is we invented a patent-pending, dynamic resistance machine, that can actually change the weight at a .01 pound increment, and pairs with a game experience.”

Lewis says the result is a personalized, private and fun full body workout that’s “gameified.” 

The patent-pending machine automatically calibrates for the user’s goals and fitness statistics.

“It can track every single rep that you do, it can increase the weight, decrease the weight,” Lewis said. “You can actually see in the virtual space the correct form patting that you’re supposed to take and course-correct if you’re doing it incorrectly, to avoid injury.”

The team comprised of engineers, mathematicians, game developers and fitness gurus, took their creation to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year. They won the award for Best Start-Up of 2018. 

Their dynamic resistance machine also earned them an innovation award. 

“We were just like, all high-fives and just mind-blown,” Lewis said. “We’re just trying to keep that momentum going.”

Lewis, along with co-founder Ryan DeLuca, are planning on opening a Black Box VR fitness boutique in San Francisco, California, later this year.