Boise artist's studio broken into and trashed

Posted at 5:13 PM, Aug 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-03 20:03:18-04

BOISE, Idaho — A local artist was devasted after she walked into her studio this Sunday morning and found it was broken into and trashed.

Sue Latta has worked in the same art studio for seven years and has never had any problems with break-ins.

According to a Facebook post by Latta, police suggest the act may have been a hate crime since no items were stolen, and the studio was just trashed.

Tables were flipped over, saws and tools were broken, and artwork was ruined.

“It just breaks your heart when you see the work you’ve put in, and the love and time and thought and effort, and then it was just swiped off the table just like that,” Latta says.

After the news got out, members of the community showed up to her studio to help clean up the mess.

“The outpouring of love that I have received is just also unfathomable. I can’t even express the gratitude that I feel for the community and the way that they’ve supported me through this,” Latta says.

A police report has been filed, and if you know or saw anything related to the damage of Latta’s studio, contact Boise police.

If you want to support Latta, you can head over to Capital Contemporary Gallery this week to see some of her work.