Boise Art Museum celebrates 80th anniversary

Posted at 6:07 PM, Jun 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-24 20:29:44-04

Eighty years is a long time to be in existence.

It's a milestone the Boise Art Museum celebrated Saturday. They stayed open late so visitors could enjoy every display in the building including one with a lego theme. 

From the lego station for kids of all ages to an Artist Lab, BAM has come a long way from where it started as the Boise Art Association in 1932.

With each twist and turn, Pete Kutchins shows visitors how he's piecing together other parts to go with his macramé mask made out of recycled materials that many folks no longer have a use for.

"This is sort of an appendage that will become an arm or a leg to create this full figured piece," he said.

Kutchins works on his project while other longtime museum supporters enjoy checking out all the different displays and traveling exhibits.

"It's very unique and very different to actually have these contemporary, modern pieces here in Boise and for even to refresh my memory on things I've just seen in books," said Kim Cruser-Scott, a new member of the non-profit's board of directors. "It's incredible to see them in person."

The art association eventually raised enough money to construct a building of their own. It opened in 1937 and has since expanded literally and figuratively.

"Probably people have never seen some of these artists that are showing today," said Gerry Cruser, a volunteer docent. "So, we're really lucky we can have the staff that curate them."

Carrying on lessons in the world of art for Idaho's youth, the museum staff looks to another decade of success showcasing different artists' work from the Treasure Valley and beyond.

The space also allows for artists like Kutchins to carry on with his vision.

"The speakers are functional and can connect to a stereo or receiver and soon, eventually it will be bluetooth compatible," Kutchins said.

The macramé artist will be at the museum every Saturday through mid-July.