Homeless for the holidays?

Posted at 5:39 PM, Nov 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-23 19:39:11-05
It's the season of giving, but for the residents of the Westwood apartment complex in Boise, they wish they could give back a letter that was left on their front doors; a 30 day eviction notice.
"You know it's the holidays, we started to put our Christmas tree up and we ended up taking it down because what are we going to tell the grand kids," said Nancy Summers and and Bruce Ferrin.
New owners bought the property and plan to remodel, leaving many residents wondering if they are going to be homeless for the holidays.
"It's stressful because its hard to find a place to live," said Constance Harris.
"It's a bad time of the year," said Ferrin. They care about money, not people."
Many say they have been looking for a new home, but there is little to choose from this time of year, and with little money to spend, it seems impossible.
"Not everyone makes a six figure income. Not everyone has a savings account," said Antonio Reyes.
"You've got to have good credit to be able to move and nobody around here does. If they did they wouldn't move into this low income area," said Ferrin.
To be right in the middle of the holiday season, it puts added hardship on already struggling families.
"It's depressing," said Reyes. "I should be having thanksgiving dinner, being with my family and spending quality time with my daughter."
"My teenage son isn't going to get what he wants for Christmas because we have to save every penny to move. Merry Christmas, you've got a place to live," said Ferrin. 
Some of the residents have said they plan on asking for more time, but they say they don't feel hopeful about getting an extension because the management has yet to return their calls.